Tonka Time

Michael was overjoyed to find that a local ranch and feed store had metal Tonka trucks available – not the plastic ones that seem to have taken over the toy shop shelves.  We have had metal trucks since before Elaine […]


Sunflower Sushi

Sunflower Sushi

The Sunflower Sprouts Despite it being the middle of winter, our children have been enjoying the chance to see life grow.  We planted 2 tubs with sunflower seeds that the children had harvested from our garden last Spring.  The children […]

Polar Gear Presentation

We have been studying the polar region for the past month, and last week we were honored to invite one of the children’s dad along to share his experiences of the polar world. Mike, a scientist who works in Greenland, […]


Winter Planting in the Garden of Children’s House

Our New Garden Thanks to a grant from the City of Boulder Health Equity Fund, Children’s House was able to begin on its project of bringing vegetable growing to our front door.  Despite having very little space around our property, […]

Lighting Our Way into the New Year

As we begin 2018 with joy in our hearts, we can’t help but look back and stand in awe of our wee preschoolers.   December 5th 2017 Children’s House Preschool participated for our third year in a row in our Boulder’s […]


Storybook Journey Goldilocks and the Three Bears

The Journey The children had been studying the forest with the storybook of “Goldilocks and the Three Bears” by Jan Brett.  As with all of our journeys, the classroom was decorated into the theme of the book.  The loft was […]

Stride to Ride

The Strider Foundation Children’s House was lucky to be blessed with 18 Strider Bikes thanks to a grant The Strider Foundation.  Striders are a perfect way for children to learn the balancing skills necessary to move on to a regular […]


Children’s House in the news

Children’s House Preschool, 
Elaine McCarthy & Michael Knuckey Children’s House Preschool, a red school barn, stands proudly in North Boulder. Elaine McCarthy and Michael Knuckey, both award-winning teachers, operate this non-profit experiential option for preliminary education. On a typical day, […]

Kale Chips – a sensory experience

Kale chips are a long time favorite, and while they can be bought pre-made and prepackaged, there is nothing difficult enough that a 3 yr old can’t help make fresh ones with you. One of the greatest things about using […]

Kale Chips


Beans and math

One easy cooking activity for children is preparing green beans for snack.  The first step is to top and tail the beans, which is a great way to teach self control as children need to resist the urge to cut […]