The Garden Journey

Veggie Bucks at Boulder Farmer’s Market

Oh, what fun Elaine and Michael had biking to the Wednesday afternoon Farmers Market in downtown Boulder.  First stop was our community garden plot to turn the water on for our garden beds.  Then we were off, Burley in tow […]

Market Story

Flower Power

Flower Power Prayer Flags

CREATING FLOWER POWER PRAYER FLAGS AT THE GARDEN WITH JULIE IRELAND Last week, 13 CHP students and Jen, Elaine and Michael rode the city bus to the community gardens.  We were going to meet Julie Ireland, local quilting artist, at […]

Zucchini, Apples, and Pears, Oh My!

The children and the teachers jumped right into cooking.  Apples from our 120+ year-old-tree on the playground were gathered, washed and cooked down in a slow cooker, for applesauce.  Zucchini was harvested from the CHP garden, and giant zucchini donated […]

Cooking in the Garden

On June 21st, the first day of summer, 5 CHP families met Elaine and Jen at the CHP community garden to harvest herbs and lettuce to make “First Day of Summer Salad”. It was already very hot at 9 am! […]

The Garden Adventure

By Elaine McCarthy During Summer Camp, we met at school and organized our first field trip to the garden. We walked to the bus stop and waited for bus #208. We rode the bus three stops. We crossed at the […]

The Garden Grows and Rhubarb Fun

Will (Ruby’s dad) put his exceptional wood working skills to use to create a wonderful gate for the Children’s House Garden.  Delphine, Gabriel (4) and Romain (7) joined Elaine and Michael at the garden today. Romain watered the garden beds […]

First Garden Taste

On Wednesday May 4th, Brian, Jack and Charlie and their parents volunteered at our community garden plot.  We had been watching the sprouts grow since their planting 4 weeks earlier.  They had survived a big snowstorm, and had erupted out […]

The Planting

On Wednesday April 6th after school, families joined us for the first seed planting in our new garden.  Lauren (Brian’s Mom) and Elaine worked with the children to sort out all of the different types of seeds, and get them […]

Creating Children’s Garden

March 12th – Day 2 Once we had the ground weeded and leveled, and our fence fixed, it was time to put in irrigation, make our raised garden beds, and mulch around the outside of our lot as well as […]

Children's Garden

Children’s Garden The Beginning

March 5th -Day One After years of working on a way to bring gardening to our school, we finally worked out that we needed to take the school to the garden.  We rented a plot at the Boulder Community Gardens […]