Shall we have tea?

The children at Children’s House have been discovering the delights of tea and the tradition and etiquette of tea parties. It started one cold day before holiday break, when Elaine decided to offer the children a warm option to our usual fruit smoothie. […]


The art table was a flutter with activity last week when CHP mom, Suzy, came to do a fairy project with the children. Suzy and her two boys brought supplies for the fairies, including old-fashioned style crafting clothespins for bodies, […]

Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks (OSMP) Forest Visit

By Britt Alstad During our Story Book Journey of Goldilocks And The Three Bears, the Children’s House classroom has a ranger station, forest miniatures, forest stuffed animals, and ranger costumes. We thought a visit from Boulder Open Space and Mountain […]



Drawing a recipe – Latkes

Sarah Spencer, a graphic recorder and artist from Phoenix, Arizona, visited CHP to draw our recipe for latkes as an illustration for our cookbook. Graphic recording is the art of listening and drawing a conversation or event in illustrations as […]

Weekly Plans

STORYBOOK JOURNEY “Goldilocks and the Three Bears” featuring multiple authors and oral story telling   WEEK OF November 28th – December 2nd 2016   ART: 3D Camp Fire: Tissue paper, sticks, natural elements, pine cones, Vocabulary surrounded fires and safety: […]

A Harvest Fair

Last Friday, we had another cross-curriculum farm to preschool experience. Children’s art abounded with our recycled supplies to build farm stands. Corks, wallpaper samples, plastic tops, wax, tissue paper, and wooden coins were among some of the plethora of choices. Children dedicated time, attention and concerted efforts to […]

Harvest fair


by Jen Swezey CHP parent, Marisol, originally from El Salvador, came to school on Tuesday to teach the children and teachers how to make pupusas!  Pupusas are a traditional Salvadoran masa cake, made with a variety of fillings including, but […]

Green Tomato Chutney at the Children’s House Cafe

Our garden has been dictating our cooking projects so far this year, providing us with produce that is ripe and ready to cook with.  However, what do you do when a cold snap is predicted, and there are still loads […]

Green Tomato

Weekly Plans

Weekly Plans October 24th – 28th(click for PDF) ART: Seasonal Ornament: The Catalpa beans from the trees near our school, stuffed orange socks (to be turned into pumpkins), shredded paper, pipe cleaners, ribbon Farm Play: Searching wall paper books for […]