Water World

With the hot weather, the children have been loving the chance to get wet.  We have been setting up our new water pump from Kodo Kids in the back yard, and children have been seeing how far they can pump […]

Cooking real and pretend

Squaffles One of the children’s favorite snacks is fresh homemade squash waffles or Squaffles as they are known to us.  The squash was a winter squash that we grew last season in our Community Garden, and cooked and pureed with […]

The great pea hunt

Dwarf Grey Sugar Peas One of the most anticipated plants in our Farm Tubs finally started producing the goods.  Children had been watching the flowers at the top of the vine waiting for them to become peas, but then quite […]

Mr. Michael’s Birthday

Thanks to our new summer camp, Michael was able to have his first ever birthday with the children.  As he was born in Australia on June 15th, we started the celebration on Thursday the 14th, his Australian birthday (15th in […]

The joy of growing food

Summer camp has been a bounty of fresh produce with our new farm tub garden producing piles of bok-choy, kale, spinach, Swiss chard, radishes, and just recently beans and heirloom dwarf grey sugar peas. The children have loved harvesting their […]

Strider freedom

Summer Strider Camp The children have been enjoying the freedom granted through the school’s Strider bike program.  We teach the children how to ride Stider bikes, and then head out to local parks and explore our neighborhood.  The teachers ride […]

Congratulations Matuka

Layne Jackson (known as Matuka during her teaching time at Children’s House) has just received an amazing honor. A Colorado team is one of 15 winners to share in $1 million awarded by a Denver-based organization as part of a […]

Scholarship Availability for the 2018-19 school year

We have several openings for the upcoming school year through the Colorado Preschool Program What is the Colorado Preschool Program (CPP)? A state-funded, district-run, preschool program. CPP is intended to serve preschool-aged children in Colorado who are at risk for […]

Pump System

11 children joined the building crew to assemble a pump system for water. The “Pump Works System” from Kodo Kids arrived today with all the components and the crew needed to follow the instructions to make a functional system. Setting […]