“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” Confucius

Our Teachers

All of our staff complete at least 15 hours of professional development workshops annually.

Elaine McCarthy Program Director / Teacher

I began at the Children’s House Preschool as the Assistant Director in 1992, and became the Teaching Director in 1994. My educational background is a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Early Childhood Education from Salem State College, Salem Massachusetts. I completed my degree in England where I taught kindergarten and studied the British Infant Methodology system.

I have been working with preschool directors once a month since 1994 for professional development and collaboration of early childhood techniques and resources. I have written grants each year since 1994 for the purpose of expanding the opportunity for all children to attend a quality early childhood program. I have completed my course work for a Master’s Degree in Multicultural Education at the University of Colorado. Teaching is an honor and a passion. In 2010 I was honored to be awarded “Educator of the Year” by the Boulder County branch of the National Association for Education of the Young Child (NAEYC).


Michael Knuckey Executive Director / Teacher


Michael Knuckey came to America from Australia in 1994 where he was completing Bachelors DegrFebruaryee in Hotel/Restaurant Business Management. He started working as a volunteer teacher in preschools in 1999, when his son, Alex, was 3 years old. Before starting at Children’s House, Michael had worked as a professional cook for 17 years and had been employed both teaching cooking, and as a private caterer.  He loves to paint, and has decorated many a child’s bedroom with murals. Michael has taken classes in art, sculpture, painting, psychology, children’s literature and Industrial Design.

Michael has been with Children’s House since 2005 and works in all aspects of the school. He lends his art expertise to the class in both the projects and the decoration of the room, he runs the office and administration side of the school as well as working with the children as a teacher. Michael is a qualified Early Childhood Director and Early Childhood Educator, he has Level Three credential as a Early Childhood Professional, and an Associates in Applied Science in Early Childhood Education.

He is active in the Early Childhood community, serving as the Treasurer on the local chapter of the Colorado Association for the Education of Young Children (CAEYC) and on the volunteering on the early Childhood Advisory Councils for both Boulder Valley School District and the Front Range Community College Early Childhood Department.  In 2015 he was awarded “Educator of the Year” by the Boulder County branch of the National Association for Education of the Young Child (NAEYC).


Britt Alstad – Full Time TeacherIMG_3166

Britt Alstad was born and raised in Boulder. She graduated high school in Santa Cruz, CA and attended Humboldt State University where she studied journalism. She returned to Colorado where she studied fine art and and art history. After earning her BA from CSU she traveled to Italy, where she fell in love with Tuscany and remained for 15 years. Britt has two great kids, her daughter Anita, who is ten and in the 5th grade, and her son Enea, who is six and is in 2nd grade (as well as a Children’s House alumni). Both kids were born in Italy.

Britt and her kids moved back to Boulder in 2011.  Britt earned her Elementary Teaching License and spent a year teaching third grade at Friends’ School, in Boulder.  She completed her masters in Educational Psychology form UC Denver during the summer 2014.

Britt loves to hike, swim and bike in beautiful Colorado. She plays trumpet in a ska orchestra and enjoys painting or any other creative outlet. Most of all she love to spend times with her kids.

Britt is a full time teacher at Children’s House Preschool, and is very happy and excited to be a part of the magic.


Kimie Donovan Part Time Teacher

Kimie Donovan was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. She moved to Colorado in 2012 to go to CU and earned a bachelor’s degree in Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences from CU in 2015. Kimie fell in love with Colorado and could not leave! Currently, she is attending the University of Northern Colorado in pursuit of a master’s degree in Early Childhood Special Education.

She joined Children’s House Preschool in August of 2016 as a part time teacher to gain more experience related to her master’s degree. Outside of preschool, she enjoys hiking with her dog, staying connected to her family in CA, crafting, and cooking.

Children’s House continues to inspire her to further her pursuits in the field of early childhood education and she holds each moment in the classroom close to her heart.

Chelsea Peason Part Time Teacherchelsa

Chelsea Peason was born and raised in Albany New York. She moved to Boulder in 2008 to attend College. Currently, she is working on a B.A. in Special Education at Metro State University in Denver. She has high hopes of continuing schooling to achieve a masters of Special Education and a PhD in Occupational therapy for early childhood children with disabilities.

She joined the Children’s House Preschool team in 2010 as a part time teacher while also attending school. Aside from preschool and schooling of her own, Chelsea enjoys outdoor activities, reading, and yoga.

Children’s house has become an important aspect of her learning as she continues to grow and learn in the field of education.


Jen Swezey Substitute TeacherIMG_2809

Jen Swezey was born and raised in Weston, Connecticut. She attended the University of Tampa, FL, for 2 years then transferred to the University of Colorado in 1988 where she studied studio arts and political science. She has lived in Boulder for 27years, and is the mother of 2 children; Edie 19 and Gabe 14. Jen is a Level 1 Certified Early Childhood Professional who has been with Children’s House Preschool since August 2007. Jen enjoys spending time with her family,catering,hiking, reading and yoga. Working and learning with young children is a joy and gift to Jen.