Harvest fair

A Harvest Fair

Last Friday, we had another cross-curriculum farm to preschool experience.

Children’s art abounded with our recycled supplies to build farm stands. Corks, wallpaper samples, plastic tops, wax, tissue paper, and wooden coins were among some of the plethora of choices.

Children dedicated time, attention and concerted efforts to construct their farm stands. Some children dictated stories to celebrate their farm stands, which were later read during our “Author’s Chair” segment of story time.

All the lettuce from the CHP garden had to be picked on Thursday, before the freeze, so some of the children volunteered to wash and bag lettuce. We attempted to use a kitchen scale to weigh each bag, but the scale battery died.

Harvest fair Harvest fair

Children then set up a farmer’s market and art show, as an impromptu harvest fair. Children hosted the art show during pick-up time so that parents could enjoy the children’s individual farm stands and stories. Next to the art show table was a live farm stand, where children were “selling” the lettuce. The parents had the opportunity to “buy” the lettuce, through donations. All proceeds went to the annual drive.

Our impromptu harvest fair was a success and children enjoyed the satisfaction of working as a team.

Thank you to all the parents who purchased a bag of lettuce and allowing children to experience an authentic moment at a farm stand. You made our art come to life. One child told his mom, as they were leaving the school, “I love lettuce.”


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