A Summer Field Trip

Library Field Trip

With the smaller number of children at summer camp, we decided to embark on a field trip to the Downtown Boulder Library. Children were dropped off and picked up at the library so we could enjoy a full day of fun. Activities for the day’s agenda included- water exploration at the park, story time at the library, and a dip in the Boulder Creek to cool off.

Tube to Work Day!

Upon arrival, the morning children were delighted to find out that it was “Tube to Work Day” down the Boulder Creek. We gathered on the rocks next to the Creek and cheered on the tubers as they floated by. A five year old pointed out one of our favorite Boulder celebrities, Jeff and Paige (local children’s musicians), and all of the children called out and waved. They were beaming with joy when Jeff kindly responded with “ooh ah ah, ooh ooh ah ah, we’re tubing”: a play on the words of one of their well know songs.

Natural Playground

Next, we enjoyed some time at the playground located next to the library. This playground offers a large structure to climb on, a pool of sand and water, and a system of water pumps and troughs. We were excited to compare the water pump at the “library park” to the one we had back in school. One four year old reported that the “library pump” must be for bigger kids as it was taller than our school pump.

Musical Story time

When the playground started to get hot, we went inside of the library to cool off and enjoy story time. We were able to get a front row spot to enjoy the music, dancing, and stories the librarians shared with us. The story time provided an engaging opportunity to see stories acted out with props and rhyming books put to a musical tune- both important pre-literacy skills. As a special treat, the librarians were kind enough to let us eat lunch in the children’s area.

Library Exploration

In the afternoon, we enjoyed the cool air the library offered in the manipulative area. Some children enjoyed the kinetic sand, while others built with magna-tiles and discovered new books. A few of older children learned how to locate favorite books based on letters with teachers help.

Boulder Creek

We ended the day in the cool shade next to the creek. Children used buckets, shovels, and creek water to make small rivers, dirt buildings, and hunt down interesting rocks. Some children practiced climbing on the rocks next to the Creek and enjoyed cooling off their feet in the water.

Overall, we had a wonderful and educational day in Downtown Boulder. The children were able to explore a new area with friends and learn from all that the library and nature has to offers.

Thank you so much to all of our families for being flexible and making this day happen for us.