In the classroom

Australia Day Celebration

On Australia Day 2020 Michael our Australian Director bought in Aboriginal wooden sculptures, the Australian and Aboriginal Flags, Australian books, 2 Didgeridoos, and of course a jar of Vegemite to share. At circle time the children laughed as Michael played […]

Satellite Day

Satellite Day

Satellite Day Presentation As we spent the last few weeks studying space, we were thrilled to discover that 2 of our parents worked for a satellite imaging company.  Both dads work for a local company that sends up satellites to […]

Spring Cleaning

With the warm spring weather, the children decided it was time to wash our school chairs. We gathered sponges, scrub brushes, and soap to bring out in the front yard. Using out new water pump and a hose the children […]


Tonka Time

Michael was overjoyed to find that a local ranch and feed store had metal Tonka trucks available – not the plastic ones that seem to have taken over the toy shop shelves.  We have had metal trucks since before Elaine […]

Sunflower Sushi

The Sunflower Sprouts Despite it being the middle of winter, our children have been enjoying the chance to see life grow.  We planted 2 tubs with sunflower seeds that the children had harvested from our garden last Spring.  The children […]

Sunflower Sushi

Polar Gear Presentation

We have been studying the polar region for the past month, and last week we were honored to invite one of the children’s dad along to share his experiences of the polar world. Mike, a scientist who works in Greenland, […]

Eclipse at Children’s House Preschool

Eclipse activities filled Children’s House on Monday. Students arrived eager to understand the event, prepared with eclipse glasses or even some pinhole viewers made at home. Several students made their own viewers in art, using cardboard boxes and tinfoil, while […]


The People In The Neighborhood

Who Are The People In Our Neighborhood? Taking our circle time song (“The People In the Neighborhood”) and act out with our miniature people to the streets. Our preschoolers headed out for a rainy day walk.We asked the students, “Who […]

Learning About Different Abilities

Learning About Different Abilities in the Classroom Our current story features a picture of a family with a member of the family in a wheelchair. Different abilities are abundant in our world and we have had a few opportunities to […]

Different Abilities

PLay dough

Making Play Dough

Last week’s rain had us looking for extra indoor fun, so we made our own play dough. Any sort of recipe draws a crowd and is a great opportunity for us to integrate math and literacy in a fun, hands-on […]