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The Thirty Million Word Gap

Rice University School Literacy and Culture — The Thirty Million Word Gap (1) In this groundbreaking study, Betty Hart and Todd Risley entered the homes of 42 families from various socio-economic backgrounds to assess the ways in which daily exchanges […]

Language-Gap Study Bolsters a Push for Pre-K

Literacy experts have previously documented a connection between a child’s early vocabulary and later success in reading comprehension. In a study tracking children from age 3 through middle school, David Dickinson, now a professor of education at Vanderbilt University, and […]

Preschool Funding Reached ‘State Of Emergency’ In 2012

Children’s House has been offering high quality education for over 40 years at affordable rates, and through the generous support of donations and private foundations, we have a comprehensive scholarship program to ensure that we can try to accommodate every […]

The Abecedarian Project: The importance of Early Childhood Education

Click here for the full website The Abecedarian project was a carefully controlled scientific study of the potential benefits of early childhood education for poor children. Four cohorts of individuals, born between 1972 and 1977, were randomly assigned as infants […]

What is a Preschool Learning Environment?

For the full article click here Studies on learning, cognitive development and teaching have highlighted the importance of  learning based on the relationship among individuals and the learning environment  (context). Knowledge emerges as a result of activities engaged and shared in […]

Perry Preschool Project from N.P.R.

For the full article and links, click here When economist James Heckman was studying the effects of job training  programs on unskilled young workers, he found a mystery. He was comparing a group of workers that had gone through a […]

Storybook Beginning

Curriculum uses children’s literature to teach life lessons By Kevin Williams, Camera Staff Writer January 21, 2003 Once upon a time, there was a curriculum style called the “Storybook Journey.” Created by a kind, early childhood specialist named Sue McCord […]