Out of The Mouths

Children’s views about Children’s House

Children were asked, “If someone asked you about Children’s House, what would you tell them?” Marcos: I would tell them there are a lots of kids here, and I would say just come in and look around. Symphony: We have […]

What am I ?

I have eight legs, with 4 to 8 claws on each.  I can be found in the Himalayas at 20,000 ft and in the depths of the ocean at 13,000 ft below sea level. I can survive in temperatures as […]

Out of the Mouths 4/13

Jayden: Elaine asks him if he got a haircut and he replies, “Aww, don’t tell me my mom was cutting my hair when I was sleeping.” Ezra: Teacher, “Ezra, what did you paint?”  Ezra, “Something Cool” Marcos and Ansel:  Elaine […]