Children's Garden

Children’s Garden The Beginning

IMG_5514March 5th -Day One

After years of working on a way to bring gardening to our school, we finally worked out that we needed to take the school to the garden.  We rented a plot at the Boulder Community Gardens for the year for the Children’s Garden, and have begun our work to bring fresh vegetables to the preschool by the time school returns in August.  The plot we were allotted had hardly been used the previous year, so day one involved removal of weeds, fixing the fence, and leveling the ground.

We had our first day at the garden, and it was fun for all.  I would like to thank Brian and his parents, Martin (Board treasurer) and Lauren for making everything happen, and our volunteers: Gracie with Annie and Daniel, Jack and Charlie with Suzy and Nate, Ansel and Liam (alumni) with John and Kirsten (Board president).  The children had a great time helping, and digging in the dirt.  Gracie found a worm who she named “Shine”, Charlie didn’t want to leave after 2 1/2 hours, Jack found delight in digging up the deepest roots he could find, Brian and Ansel made a make shift art board to do some painting, and Liam helped with cutting the wire for the fence.