Cooking With Kids

Thursday and Friday this week the children got to make ice-cream in class with milk, heavy cream, sugar and vanilla.  On Friday we decided to add cinnamon like the cinnamon in our current Story Book where they get cinnamon from Sri Lanka.  Jen brought in rhubarb from her garden, and the children peeled and cut the rhubarb, and we then cooked the rhubarb with sugar and water to make a rhubarb compote (sauce) to put on top of the ice-cream.  The children wrote out the recipe for their literacy group, then measured and mixed the ingredients.  The mixture was then poured into a frozen ice cream churner bowl and the children watched as the ice-cream mixture instantly froze solid on the side of the bowl.  Everyone was very excited about making ice-cream, watching it churn, and amazed at how simple it was.