From Tree to Table

Abundance of apples

It is apple season and our 120 year old apple tree is again providing a bounty of delicious sweet apples.  Children have been eating them from the tree in the playground, but every morning they arrive to find at least 20 apples around the yard.  The best apples get eaten fresh for snack, but for the rest they have 2 options.  After they are washed and any blemishes cut off, some get juiced by the children, and others get cooked up for homemade apple sauce.  The apples are cooked slowly with just a touch of sugar and cinnamon until they fall apart in the pot.  They are then cooled off, and the children get to run them through our milling machine, putting the cooked mixture in the top and pressing it through the mill that turns it into a smooth sauce, and expels the skin and seeds out the other end.