Green Tomato

Green Tomato Chutney at the Children’s House Cafe

Our garden has been dictating our cooking projects so far this year, providing us with produce that is ripe and ready to cook with.  However, what do you do when a cold snap is predicted, and there are still loads of unripe tomatoes on the vine?  Start perusing “Green Tomato” recipes.

As we are not really into frying food at the preschool, we avoided creating “Fried Green Tomatoes at the Children’s House Cafe”.  The easiest recipe we found that was child preparation friendly was a slow cooked “Green Tomato Chutney”.  Children began by pulling all of the green tomatoes off the vine, and then cutting them up to small bite size pieces.  This was very popular, bringing 8 children to the table at one time.  Then, once the tomatoes were cut, they were added to the slow cooked where the onion was already waiting and chopped by the teacher.  Then the children grated the ginger, then measured and added the vinegar, sugar, allspice, and salt and pepper.

Despite not being tried by everyone, the children who did try the end product all thought it was delicious, as did the teachers.

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