Australia Day Celebration

On Australia Day 2020 Michael our Australian Director bought in Aboriginal wooden sculptures, the Australian and Aboriginal Flags, Australian books, 2 Didgeridoos, and of course a jar of Vegemite to share. At circle time the children laughed as Michael played […]

Summer Camp 2020

Last year Children’s House Preschool spent the summer “traveling” around the world to countries such as Australia, Japan, Denmark, Italy and Scotland.  We read special books about these places and incorporated our learnings into play.  The children played sports from […]

The Potato Hunt

In August, we had planted some potatoes in bags that had sprouted under the cabinet over the summer. The children had been watering the bushy plant for months. Before the last snowstorm, the children went out to harvest the new […]

The Final Harvest

Our Farm Tubs With the forecast of the first big snow of the year, and subzero temperatures, the children needed to rescue whatever foods were ready to be picked from our Farm Tubs.  We discovered hidden cucumbers that had been […]

From Tree to Table

It is apple season and our 120 year old apple tree is again providing a bounty of delicious sweet apples.  Children have been eating them from the tree in the playground, but every morning they arrive to find at least […]

Magical Juice

Apple, Cucumber and Watermelon Juice Yesterday the children found an overgrown cucumber in our Farm Tub, and picked it to eat.  Because of its size, and the many cucumbers the children had already consumed, we decided it might be tastier […]

French Toast

Cooking French Toast A perfect way to warm children up on a cold snowy day is with fresh baked french toast for morning snack.  With dozens of eggs and loaves of baguettes, we pulled out our Hawaiian patterned aprons and […]

Summer Camp at Children’s House

Ages 3-6 June 3rd through August 23 When you hear the word “summer,” what do you think of? Sunshine? Adventure? Travel? Well this summer your child will be enjoying all of the above! Throughout the summer at Children’s House Preschool, […]

The Sandbox

A great big thank you to German Gutierrez of G&G Sprinkler Systems who donated 6,000 lbs of sand to fill our sandbox to the brim.  German has had 2 children be part of our preschool, and both sons helped him with […]

Satellite Day

Satellite Day

Satellite Day Presentation As we spent the last few weeks studying space, we were thrilled to discover that 2 of our parents worked for a satellite imaging company.  Both dads work for a local company that sends up satellites to […]