The Apple Tree part 2

Our Heirloom Apple Tree After writing about our wonderful apple tree from which we made 25 gallons of apple sauce this year, a past teacher let us know about a project through Colorado University.  The Boulder Apple Tree Project were looking […]

Children’s House in the News

Farm to Early Childhood at Children’s House Inside Boulder News – Children’s House Preschool from City of Boulder on Vimeo. The best way to create healthy eating  habits in children is to start young and have them involved in every […]

The Apple Tree

In our yard lives a 120 year old apple tree. The lower branches have been worn smooth by 2 decades of children who love to try their climbing skills. One branch is at the perfect angle for children to climb […]

Striding to New Parks

This summer, we have been utilizing the Boulder Bike Paths to stride to new parks. Thanks to our Strider Bike donation from the Strider Foundation, we have been able to access new parks that are farther away from our school. […]

A Summer Field Trip

Library Field Trip With the smaller number of children at summer camp, we decided to embark on a field trip to the Downtown Boulder Library. Children were dropped off and picked up at the library so we could enjoy a […]

The Water Slide

The children have been eager to explore different parks that are accessible along the bike paths near our school. On a hot day, we decided to head over to Parkside Park. Upon arrival, the children quickly reported that the the […]

Water World

With the hot weather, the children have been loving the chance to get wet.  We have been setting up our new water pump from Kodo Kids in the back yard, and children have been seeing how far they can pump […]

Cooking real and pretend

Squaffles One of the children’s favorite snacks is fresh homemade squash waffles or Squaffles as they are known to us.  The squash was a winter squash that we grew last season in our Community Garden, and cooked and pureed with […]

The great pea hunt

Dwarf Grey Sugar Peas One of the most anticipated plants in our Farm Tubs finally started producing the goods.  Children had been watching the flowers at the top of the vine waiting for them to become peas, but then quite […]

Mr. Michael’s Birthday

Thanks to our new summer camp, Michael was able to have his first ever birthday with the children.  As he was born in Australia on June 15th, we started the celebration on Thursday the 14th, his Australian birthday (15th in […]