Congratulations Matuka

Layne Jackson (known as Matuka during her teaching time at Children’s House) has just received an amazing honor. A Colorado team is one of 15 winners to share in $1 million awarded by a Denver-based organization as part of a […]

Scholarship Availability for the 2018-19 school year

We have several openings for the upcoming school year through the Colorado Preschool Program What is the Colorado Preschool Program (CPP)? A state-funded, district-run, preschool program. CPP is intended to serve preschool-aged children in Colorado who are at risk for […]

Pump System

11 children joined the building crew to assemble a pump system for water. The “Pump Works System” from Kodo Kids arrived today with all the components and the crew needed to follow the instructions to make a functional system. Setting […]

Spring Cleaning

With the warm spring weather, the children decided it was time to wash our school chairs. We gathered sponges, scrub brushes, and soap to bring out in the front yard. Using out new water pump and a hose the children […]

The Windy day

We were all organized for our school class photo when mother nature decided that she would have the last say. We will try again next week.  

Little Penguin’s Tale

After studying the Polar worlds of the North and South pole with our highlighted Story Book Journey  Three Snow Bears by Jan Brett, the teachers performed an all teacher act out for the children.  We chose to perform The Little […]

Penguin's Tale

Aqua Imports Field Trip

After 6 weeks of immersing ourselves in researching the ocean in our classroom, we were ready to investigate live salt water creatures at Aqua Imports.   We took the city bus and the bike path to get to our destination. […]

Tonka Time

Michael was overjoyed to find that a local ranch and feed store had metal Tonka trucks available – not the plastic ones that seem to have taken over the toy shop shelves.  We have had metal trucks since before Elaine […]


Sunflower Sushi

Sunflower Sushi

The Sunflower Sprouts Despite it being the middle of winter, our children have been enjoying the chance to see life grow.  We planted 2 tubs with sunflower seeds that the children had harvested from our garden last Spring.  The children […]