Penguin's Tale

Little Penguin’s Tale

After studying the Polar worlds of the North and South pole with our highlighted Story Book Journey  Three Snow Bears by Jan Brett, the teachers performed an all teacher act out for the children.  We chose to perform The Little Penguins Tale by Audrey Woods for all of our classes over 2 days. This story is enjoyable to act out with children as it tells the story of a little penguin who doesn’t listen to the sound advice of the grandparent. It also includes animals from all over the world, so children can then assign themselves to play different characters when they reenact the story.

Michael starred as the narrator, ‘Grandpappy Penguin’. ‘Grandpappy’ was the wise, elderly penguin, and he entered the play walking with his walking cane. Children heard the rhythmic tapping of the cane as he came down the stairs, and was getting closer, and waited with anticipation.


Elaine played the “Orca”, the dangerous element of the story. Elaine would appear intermittently whenever Orca was present in the illustrations. The children experienced “foreshadowing” when Elaine would appear on cue when the children called out an orca sighting in the book.

Chelsea was the wild little penguin who went parading with Goonie birds and went to the Walrus Polar Bear Club to meet all kinds of animals. Audience participants played musical instruments for the “Goonie Bird Parade”.

Bringing Art to Dramatic Play

The children used the morning to create masks at the art table and joined the wild animal rumpus with large stuffed animals like cheetah, gorilla, lion, and giraffe.  After seeing the first act out of the play they were excited to join in the fun, and make their own costumes.

It was our second all teacher act out and children are asking when the next one is. Bringing literacy to life with joy and engagement is an honor for CHP teachers.