Magical Juice

Apple, Cucumber and Watermelon Juice

Yesterday the children found an overgrown cucumber in our Farm Tub, and picked it to eat.  Because of its size, and the many cucumbers the children had already consumed, we decided it might be tastier if we juiced it.  This morning they went over the playground and found all of the apples that were good to pick, and collected them to make a juice. Our 120 year old apple tree is still producing more apples than the children can possibly eat.  We make apple sauce with the children but juicing them helps us keep us with the daily bounty. Once we had washed and cut up the apples and cucumbers the children were excited to learn how to use our juicer.  After we had juiced everything, one child commented, “Do you know what would make this juice magical?  We could add watermelon.”  Luckily we had fresh melons from Ollin Farms that had been dropped of on Tuesday, so we juiced a fresh melon along with the rind.  The children loved the taste and it was all finished by afternoon snack.