PLay dough

Making Play Dough

Last week’s rain had us looking for extra indoor fun, so we made our own play dough. Any sort of recipe draws a crowd and is a great opportunity for us to integrate math and literacy in a fun, hands-on way. This version is one that does not require cooking.

The children started the job by writing or drawing. Some drew a picture of the play dough in the color of their vote. Other children wrote out play dough and some wrote out the whole recipe, excited to take it home.

Once we were done with that step we were ready to start measuring and mixing. Our written recipe was for one batch, but we wanted to double it. The children were able to tell me how much of each ingredient we would need, including adding one half and one half!

Every one got to add something and have a turn at stirring, and when the work was done they stayed to enjoy the fruits of their labor.

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