To Market To Market Plans 10-17-16

Weekly plans 10-17-16 To Market To Market


3D Farm Stand: Recycled materials such as wax, caps, wood, cardboard, paper; pompoms, fake grass

Chicken Coop: feathers, Styrofoam, hay, boxes, egg carton, box tops

Farm Play: Searching wall paper books for scenery for a farm theme play. Children will be able to find a scene, create puppets, write a play and act it out in the dramatic play room.

Life cycle of Sunflower: Paper, flowers, plastic grass, real sunflower seeds, resource books, dried sunflower

Scarecrow in Cornfield: Styrofoam, wheat/straw, paint, seeds, fabric, sticks


DRAMATIC PLAY HIGHLIGHT:                      

Farmers Market: Farm stand, whole foods, baskets, scale, registers, colorful blocks, number cards- children utilize number sense to barter and trade goods at the stand.

Chicken coop: wooden eggs, birds, resource books, baskets for nests

Miniature Farm: barns, tractor, various styles of farm animals, farm house

Kitchen: Cut up foods, pots, pans, plates, spoons, caldrons, fireplace, ladle, sifter, egg basket, trays, tongs



Hay table- Barn animals and scooping and raking tools to work with hay.



Old McDonald, 5 Little Ducks, Grandpa’s Farm, Looked Out My Window, BINGO, Mary Had a Little Lamb, Farmer In The Dell, BaBa Black Sheep




Story – Little Red Hen: flannel board act out

Song – Looked out my window: fabric materials

Story- Farmer brown, Farmer In The Dell, The Day The Goose Got Loosedoll clothes, sheep stuffed animals, book, featured items

Old McDonald– farm animals, music, barn, farmer

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