Mr. Michael’s Birthday

Thanks to our new summer camp, Michael was able to have his first ever birthday with the children.  As he was born in Australia on June 15th, we started the celebration on Thursday the 14th, his Australian birthday (15th in Australia due to the international date line). We had another celebration on Friday the 15th, his American birthday.  The children really liked the idea of celebrating 2 birthdays, so there might be a few requests from children to celebrate their Australian birthday.

Wednesday began the preparations with the children helping Michael make the cup cakes for snack. The cup cakes were a hit served on the day with freshly whipped cream and cherries that the children got to use the cherry pitter on.

On Thursday, the children went on a field trip to the local Safeway to buy the cream for whipping and lemon juice to make homemade lemonade.  While we were there the children picked out a giant butterfly balloon with “Happy Birthday” written on the wing. Lucy, a 7 year old returning alumnae, brought in her ukulele to help with the celebrations.

Happy Birthday from Michael Knuckey on Vimeo.

After the party, we made up the lemonade and had an impromptu lemonade stand out in front of the school for parents as they arrived to pick up the children.  The children served their parents, and offered fresh mint from the garden as an addition to the lemonade.