Our trip to Milk and Honey Farms

We started our morning in the field exploring the 3 main beds. Two were being planted and one just had a cover crop containing rye and red clover.


We learned how they planted different plants together like onions between the kale and chard.

Then we ventured into the amazing green house with a giant rosemary bush, fig trees, pomegranate trees, nasturtium, and many different greens and seedlings.

One surprise was the big tank with koi that the children were able to feed.


Then, it was out to meet the chickens in the yard.


And inside the barn to see the chicks who were under the warming lights.


We met our first goats on the way to the compost.

The giant bins were fascinating and the children tried to work out what was in them. They generated heat and the hottest one was 165 degrees.

Then we got to enter the pen with the baby goats.



A mom feeding her kids.