Out of the Mouths 4/13

Jayden: Elaine asks him if he got a haircut and he replies, “Aww, don’t tell me my mom was cutting my hair when I was sleeping.”
Ezra: Teacher, “Ezra, what did you paint?”  Ezra, “Something Cool”
Marcos and Ansel:  Elaine is reading a story, and points to the exclamation point and asks children if they know what it means.  Marcos, “Exciting, and if it has 2 it’s really exciting.”  Ansel, “And if it has 52 it means really, really, really … exciting”
Menkyi: “Jen, I’m 3 now.  Did you know when you turn 3 you get 3 jellybeans?”
Ester:  “Banjo is the only dog that doesn’t bite.”  Elaine, “Yes, Banjo’s been coming to the preschool for 8 years, so he has a lot of experience.”  Ester, “Maybe he’ll graduate to a new species because he knows so much.”
Evelyn: couldn’t find her milk jug in the refrigerator, “It’s playing hide-and-seek.”
Oliver: points to the earth globe, “That’s the corner where I was born.”
Stella: graciously asks, “A little lavender smell over here please.” during her sisters diaper change in the bathroom.