Pear Tree Visit, part 1

Blossoming Before Our Eyes

The April air is sweet with the smell of fruit tree blossoms. On Friday, the Children’s House science explorers set out to see how nature was blooming at our beloved, prolific pear tree! With paper and markers in hand, we walked to the tree . We stopped at the creek and asked the children to guess which elements in the creek were living or dead.
Water bugs, sticks, algae and rocks were analyzed. This is always a thought provoking game to play in nature.

When we reached the tree, aglow with white blooms, some children drew the tree and guessed how many pears would grow.

Others delighted at the abundance of dandelions and made sunny crowns. The grass was tall and the ground wet from melted snow.

We reminisced about the pears we ate for snack last fall and talked about how some children will be here in the fall to eat them again while others will be off to kindergarten.
It’s a wonderful science opportunity to watch our tree change with the seasons and we all enjoy visiting this special spot in our neighborhood again and again.
Stay tuned for our next visit.

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