The finished product

by Jen Swezey

CHP parent, Marisol, originally from El Salvador, came to school on Tuesday to teach the children and teachers how to make pupusas!  Pupusas are a traditional Salvadoran masa cake, made with a variety of fillings including, but not limited to, cheese, re-fried beans, zucchini and pork.

Masa corn flour is mixed with water to make soft dough that is formed into flat circles the size of the palm, and about ½ inch thick.  The filling is then placed in the middle and then folded into a taco shape.  The edges are pinched together and then gently pressed into a flat disc. They are fried in a non-stick pan, with no oil, on medium high heat.  They are served with a thin mild tomato salsa and cabbage that’s been pickled in vinegar and oregano.

The children enjoyed forming the pupusas in their hands. It felt like soft play dough! It has become apparent that our weekly cooking sessions are building confident cooks.  All the children were able to listen to the instructions and form a pupusa.  Their enthusiasm and determination to try new things is wonderful to witness. Marisol’s son seemed excited and proud to have his mom teach us and share his family tradition with his classmates!

We filled ours with either zucchini and cheese or refined beans and cheese.  These tasty gluten free cakes were a hit at snack! Elaine described the taste of the cake as similar to corn bread to help children have a reference. It helped reluctant tasters to give it a try. There were no leftovers!

Big thanks to Marisol for bringing a yummy piece of El Salvador to Children’s House!

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