Discovering the creek

Running Up That Hill

What better way to learn about physics, cooperation and problem solving than trying to climb a hill of mud.

Along the creek

Walking along the creek the children found a steep slope of mud on the opposite bank.  Naturally a quest to reach the top of the hill was born and the challenge was on.  In some places there were vines that the children could use to help them up, but alas there was no way to get to a safe perch over the vines. Even using the walking canes didn’t help them succeed.


Discovering the creek

The children tried all different tactics to achieve their goal of mud slope dominance.  Some tried the long run up followed by the arm and leg scramble, but the few steps through the creek caused the hill to get slipperier. Others tried the slow approach carefully starting at the base of the slope and carefully step by step seeing if they could get purchase on the mud.


At the topThe scrambleAfter further exploration along the banks, an ancient stairway was discovered.  It made a fine place to observe but no true explorer would use it as intended.  Tree roots are a much more acceptable item to propel yourself upwards

In the end it was a combination of sticks, roots, scrambling techniques, stairs and most importantly teamwork that allowed all of the mud climbers to succeed.  This is how nature is a wonderful teacher.