Creating Children’s Garden

Children's GardenMarch 12th – Day 2

Once we had the ground weeded and leveled, and our fence fixed, it was time to put in irrigation, make our raised garden beds, and mulch around the outside of our lot as well as between our beds to keep the weeds down.  Day 2 at the children’s garden was a big one requiring 2 volunteer shifts from 9-12 pm and 12-3 pm.  We were joined by alumni and current families to make this a success.

We were blessed to have German Gutierrez (parent of Esteban) a local irrigation and landscape professional donate not only his time, but all of the materials to install our irrigation system.  Joshua Benson (Ever and Lilu’s dad) owner of Benson Construction, teamed up with Will Doyle (Ruby’s dad) to make all of the planter boxes and install them.  Martin Gribble (Brian’s dad) was there during the week and on Saturday to make sure everything went forward seamlessly.  We would also like to thank the following children (students, siblings, and their families) who joined us to help shovel, barrow, and fill the garden beds with soil, and putting in the mulch: Jayda and Justus, Colton and Stella and Ava, Brian, Tarn, Ansel, Spencer and Rowan, Wes, Junior, Gabriel and Romain and Michael and Elaine.

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