Snow Again – Time For Fun!!

We all love Boulder.  Earlier this week the weather was sunny and warm, with the temperatures being similar to those in Melbourne Australia. Michael had just returned from an unusually cold summer trip to see family and meet up with a center in Australia, and found it warmer and sunnier in Boulder.  Then on Wednesday night, the clouds closed in, and the temperature plummeted to 19F.  By Thursday morning at 8:00am the snow began to come down, getting heavier as the morning continued.  The children came prepared for the weather, because even though it never went above 30 degrees F, we had time to play outside. By the time we had our morning snow time, there was enough to go sledding in the neighborhood.  After the teachers helped the children get on their snow boots, snow pants, gloves and mittens, the children got our sleds ready, and headed to the slope behind the school to get some fun in the snow.

We make sure that everyday the children get out to enjoy nature, and are blessed to live in a place that offers sledding 2 days after a hot day.

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