Sunflower Sushi

Sunflower Sushi

The Sunflower Sprouts

SunflowerDespite it being the middle of winter, our children have been enjoying the chance to see life grow.  We planted 2 tubs with sunflower seeds that the children had harvested from our garden last Spring.  The children cared for the seeds, and they soon sprouted and grew.  We love showing the children what different foods can be eaten, and they were surprised to learn that these sunflowers weren’t going to grow to be the big flowers, but were going to be harvested and served for snack.

Children picked the sprouts, measured them and then washed them in a strainer.  Initially we served them plain to the children, and many tried them and several liked them enough to go for seconds.


Sunflower sprout length from Michael Knuckey on Vimeo.


Meanwhile in the rest of the classroom, we had just began our new Storybook Journey Sunflower Sushi“I’m The Biggest Thing in the Ocean” by Kevin Sherry.  The class was decorated with the ocean theme, and for one of our art projects, children were making sushi from corks, cotton balls, and material squares.  They were also learning how to use chopsticks to pick up the various pieces of sushi on the table.

When a load of avocados arrived at the school, Michael decided that the children could try a school version of sushi for snack.  Several  avocados were then peeled and sliced and drizzled with fresh lime juice, salt, pepper, and sesame seeds.  On each nori sheet, he placed a handful of sunflower sprouts down, and then topped it with the sliced avocado.  Despite not having any rice on hand, they rolled up decently enough to be sliced and served.  Children were ambitious to try this new dish and the plate was soon finished up by our hungry group.