The Planting

On Wednesday April 6th after school, families joined us for the first seed planting in our new garden.  Lauren (Brian’s Mom) and Elaine worked with the children to sort out all of the different types of seeds, and get them into groups of what would be planted together.  The children were then taught about the different ways to plant the different seeds: peas in a deeper trench, smaller seeds like lettuce and carrots in a shallow trench and would be thinned once they sprout, other seeds that would need to wait until the last frost day May 15th.  We planted 3 types of peas, several varieties of lettuce, 2 kinds of spinach, beets, turnips, and several kinds of radish.
By Saturday April 10th, when Michael went out to water in the morning, he found our very first shoot, a pea was our first sprout.


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