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Universal Pre-K Colorado is open

Little Red Schoolhouse

The State of Colorado is rolling out universal preschool in Colorado for the 2023-24 school year.  It is offering 3 different schedules for families of 10, 15, or 30 hours a week.  These schedules are available for 4 year old children (as of September 1 2023) only.  At Children’s House our schedules are either 2 days a week at 6.5 hours a day (13 hours total) or 4 days a week (26 hours).  What does this mean for our preschool?

We are going to be offering our schedule with reduced rates as per the state rules.  Our 2 day a week program will be subsidized for 10 hours/week at $538 a month bringing tuition down from $840 to $302 a month.  Families attending 4 days will be subsidized for 15 hours/week at $672 a month bringing tuition from $1630 to $958 a month.

To apply for UPK please go to the state website website then fill out a tour request and place a seat on hold on our website.

If you are applying for a 2 day a week slot you will need to apply on the UPK site for part time.  If you are choosing the 4 day a week schedule you will need to choose the half day AM option.

For questions please email us at