Weekly Plans

Weekly Plans October 24th – 28th(click for PDF)


Seasonal Ornament: The Catalpa beans from the trees near our school, stuffed orange socks (to be turned into pumpkins), shredded paper, pipe cleaners, ribbon

Farm Play: Searching wall paper books for scenery for a farm theme play. Children will be able to find a scene, create puppets, write a play and act it out in the dramatic play room.

Life cycle of Sunflower: Paper, flowers, plastic grass, real sunflower seeds, resource books, dried sunflower

Grand Old Apple Tree: paper towel rolls, sticks, green paper, wax


DRAMATIC PLAY HIGHLIGHT:                      

Farmers Market: Farm stand, whole foods, baskets, scale, registers, colorful blocks, number cards- children utilize number sense to barter and trade goods at the stand.

Rodeo: Large stuffed horses, rodeo costumes (chaps, vests, hats), stuffed animals for show

Miniature Farm: barns, tractor, various styles of farm animals, farm house

Kitchen: Cut up foods, pots, pans, plates, spoons, caldrons, fireplace, ladle, sifter, egg basket, trays, tongs



Hay tableBarn animals and scooping and raking tools to work with hay.

Weight Weighing the children and large squash. Making estimates and comparisons surrounding the weight of the children and squash.



Old McDonald, 5 Little Ducks, Grandpa’s Farm, Looked Out My Window, BINGO, Mary Had a Little Lamb, Farmer In The Dell, Ba-Ba Black Sheep, Alice the Camel, Stirring My Pot, 5 Little Pumpkins, Where are the Masqueraders, Going to Kentucky, Way Up High in the Apple Tree, Rocking in the Rabbit Hole, Farmer Brown, The Cow Hokey Pokey.


Story – Little Red Hen: flannel board act out

Song – Looked out my window: fabric materials

Stories- Farmer brown, Farmer in The Dell, The Day The Goose Got Loose, Old McDonald, Have You Got My Purr, Pumpkin Time, Pumpkin Pumpkin, Millie and the Mailmandoll clothes, sheep stuffed animals, stuffed farm animals, cats, dogs, watering cans, pumpkins, books, and featured items

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