Weekly Plans

STORYBOOK JOURNEY “Goldilocks and the Three Bears” featuring multiple authors and oral story telling


WEEK OF November 28th – December 2nd 2016



3D Camp Fire: Tissue paper, sticks, natural elements, pine cones, Vocabulary surrounded fires and safety: safety ring, ash, embers, blue flames, water/sand pail.

Camp Site: Recycled art materials, featuring natural elements: rivers, creeks, dams, tracks, scat, ranger station

Bear Den: Brown paper, fur, corks, pinecones, natural elements (leaves, moss, and dirt)

Parent gift: SURPRISE!!!! We hope you enjoy!


DRAMATIC PLAY HIGHLIGHT:                      

Block Building: Featured natural elements: sticks, wood cuts, cardboard dens, forest creatures

Ranger station: Binoculars, resource books, light table, animal skeletons

Three Bears House: Doll house, 3 sizes for portage, chairs and beds, miniature bears, tile floor patterns

River: Blue cloth, canoe, blocks for ores, rocks, sticks for beaver dam

Portage Kitchen: Wood burning fire, caldrons, stirring spoons, pots and pans, 3 difference sized bowls and spoons, different types of chairs.

Dress up: Furs, ranger shirts, squirrel costume



Light table: Animal x-rays featured on light table

Bones: Beaver skull, prairie dog skeleton, fox skull

Petrified wood, wood cross sections, sticks



Teddy Bear Teddy Bear, I’m A Little Pine Tree, Row Row Row Your Boat, Animal Charades, Down In The Forest, Going On A Bear Hunt, This Is The Day, The Bear Went Over the Mountain, Goldilocks Goldilocks Turn Around, Doe a Deer, Forest Animal hokey pokey



Goldilocks and the Three bears- Oral storytelling

Teddy Bears Picnic– Teddy Bears, Picnic blanket, abstract materials- Book reference

Row Row Row Your Boat: Large Canoe, blocks, book/song reference

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