Weekly Plans Feb 23rd 2015

STORYBOOK JOURNEY “And If the Moon Could Talk” by Kate Banks

 WEEK OF Feb 23nd – Feb 27th 2015

Telescope ; Paper towel tubes, cardboard cups, paint, stars, stickers, transparency

Milky Way Painting: Plastic wrap, primary paint colors, paper, reference books (tactile sensory project with mixing colors)

Name Rocket: Color scrap paper, triangle, paint/stickers, letter references

Observation Drawing: Portfolio paper, markers

Moon With Craters: Phases of the moon vocabulary, bubble wrap and paint

Group Mural: The phases of the moon
Dress Up: Astronaut suit, gloves, helmet, scale, medical kit, jet packs, control panel

Spinning Tops: to relate to the earth’s spinning on its axis, and the planets going around the sun which also strengthens fine motor skills

Rocket Ship: Miniature people, space supplies, reference pictures, starry cloth, bristle blocks

Observatory: Telescopes (made in art), computer, books, paper, markers, cameras

NASA Headquarters: keyboards, calculators, phone, globe, solar system posters, walkie talkies.


Magnets: Polarization, magnetic pulls, compass, ordinal directions
Rock Observation: Reference books, different types of rocks, magnify glass

Gravity: Tubes, comparative weights on the Earth versus the Moon.


“Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”, “ Planet Song”, “It’s a Small World” , “Mister Sun” , “The Planets Revolve” , “Let’s go to the moon”, “E-A-R-T-H”, “Joy to the World”, “This Little Light of Mine”, “Gentle Blue Giant”

PORTFOLIO: Classroom Observation Drawing