What am I ?

I have eight legs, with 4 to 8 claws on each.  I can be found in the Himalayas at 20,000 ft and in the depths of the ocean at 13,000 ft below sea level. I can survive in temperatures as hot as 300 F and as cold as -324 F. I can survive without water for 10 years, and can survive 500 times the radiation that people can.  For these reasons, I was sent to space in 2007, and I am the first animal to survive in open outer space where I lived for 10 days.  I am only the size of a poppy seed.water bear

Children’s answers:

Nafisa and Symphony “Bunny”

Spencer “a slug kitty”

Menkyi “Playdough”

Sienna and Owen “an alien”

Ester “one eyed ontom”

Oliver and Daniel “Turtle”

Rhys “Shell”

Stella “really tiny thing on Youtube – Worm”

Jayden “Bear”

Marcos “blob of mud from probably the ocean”

Ruby “one eye with a back”

Ember “baby bird”

Ansel “Mole”

Lucy “Snake”

Adrian “a piggy”

Eksar “Elephant”

Chereka “Owl”

Ashton “Platypus Bear”

Anna “Worm”

Luke  holds his arms out and walks with his eyes closed “Zombie”