The Storybook Journey

Little Penguin’s Tale

After studying the Polar worlds of the North and South pole with our highlighted Story Book Journey  Three Snow Bears by Jan Brett, the teachers performed an all teacher act out for the children.  We chose to perform The Little […]

Penguin's Tale

Summer Days and Summer Nights

We are finishing up our Story Book Journey of Summer Days and Summer Nights this week. This book has given us the opportunity to explore our world in and out of the classroom with a close look at insects, birds,bees, […]

Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks (OSMP) Forest Visit

By Britt Alstad During our Story Book Journey of Goldilocks And The Three Bears, the Children’s House classroom has a ranger station, forest miniatures, forest stuffed animals, and ranger costumes. We thought a visit from Boulder Open Space and Mountain […]



Outside The Box

Not A Box is our current Story Book Journey, at Children’s House Preschool. This book, written by Antoinette Portis, beautifully illustrates the “out of the box” thinking we seek to develop in our students. The little bunny in the book […]

The Electricians

Referring to our new storybook journey, House in the Meadow by Shutta Crum a group of children played the electricians. One child used the spool of wire to wire the loft with his co-workers.  They wrapped the bundle of wire […]

New Storybook Journey “Chalk” by Bill Thomson

Parents, we have chosen our next Storybook Journey by popular demand. It is a picture book, Chalk by Bill Thomson. This book has been on the bookshelves since summer camp and has had nonstop action by the children. Children look […]